Rating system

2015-05-28 12:54:31 by Matsuemon

I've been thinking, and i don't think I'm going to rate anyone on this site, unless it's a positive review. Because of the site's rating system, where you can actually get your artwork removed for not being good enough, I think it just creates an atmosphere of insecurity and cut throat competition that I just don't like, as well as being incredibly demoralizing to upcoming artists. It says somewhere on this site, "everything for everyone" but that is pretty much a lie. I wish they'd re-think this.


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2015-05-28 13:07:41

I agree with you...


2015-05-28 13:44:45

I totally agree, when I posted my first ever creation it got taken down because it was not good enough.
It makes the beginners feel like they don't belong. However if you got something relatively decent it should be easy to get past

Matsuemon responds:

Yep exactly. They should say this is a site for experienced artists only.