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2015-06-02 00:16:09 by Matsuemon

Ok, so I often have like 5 different things going at once, but this week I'm working on a portrait of James Arness as Marshall Matt Dillon (from Gunsmoke) and a short Sherlock Holmes animation I started a while back. Wish me luck!

Update: Ok now now I'm also doing a portrait of the late, great Christopher Lee. It's a lower-contrast photo, so it's giving me some trouble, but I'll get it!


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2015-06-02 00:26:11

Nicee :D


2015-06-29 03:39:04

Wow, someone's a busy bee. But how on earth did I miss this? If you're making a Sherlock Holmes animation, I'm 100% excited to see what you come up with that.

Matsuemon responds:

haha yah, Saucy, I have a lot of free time on my hands =) Plus, drawing really helps my depression and anxiety problems stay under control.