Gotta beat the heat

2015-07-08 19:14:51 by Matsuemon

So, I'm really not a fan of summer. At all. And since this has been a particularly hot summer already, I can think of only one thing to do, to keep my mind off it and not be totally grumpy. That's right, I'm planning out my Halloween art projects. I'll do a portrait of either Vincent Price, Lon Chaney Jr. or Boris Karloff. I'm also planning two animations, so that's why I want to get started early. Those things can take a while. Wish me luck!


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2015-07-09 00:03:42

You can say that again. I'm in Texas and christ it's overbearing to a point of may I just pick up everything here and move to Alaska or something. Lookin forward to those animations though Mat :) keep it up