Halloween's almost here!

2015-10-23 16:02:24 by Matsuemon

Well I FINALLY got my Halloween animation done, after like three months. Whew! Now I'm going to squeeze in a horror-related portrait before the big day. Is anyone else doing any Halloween-related projects??


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2015-10-25 15:25:42

nope I wish i had the time lol, but oh what will you be drawing?? Lookin forward to the animation Mat!

Matsuemon responds:

Finished the animation, which really took a lot out of me. I just didn't have the emotional energy to do another art project before the big day. Will recoup and do a landscape and another animal portrait in November, I'm thinking. Then get back to work on a Sherlock Holmes animation I started a while back =)


2015-10-28 09:16:16

Naah, too much stuff going on and halloween around the corner oh god. But damn 3 months? Looking forward to this :>>

Matsuemon responds:

Bummer you don't have any art time for Halloween! Oh well, hopefully you're still enjoying the season =)