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Kinda quiet lately...

2016-02-01 22:40:13 by Matsuemon

Since upgrading to the new Mac OS, the Corel Painter version I was using, X3, is now totally unusable. So I've been debating on whether or not to go back to the previous OS, or upgrade to the newest Painter. Just don't know if I want to spend the money. Has anyone else upgraded from X3 to 2016? And if so, do you recommend the jump?

I haven't been able to get much in the mood for anything artistic the last few weeks, which is always disheartening. I hope this passes soon. It happens sometimes, then passes, and I get back to business. Anyway, hope everyone has started their new year off well and is getting some good art-work done =)

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I had big plans for art projects in November/December, but Fallout 4 has seriously gotten in the way of that =) I'll be back at the art projects soon, though, because I've been jonesing for some drawing the last few days. Is anyone doing any Holiday themed projects?

Rest of the year projects

2015-11-02 21:55:20 by Matsuemon

Well, I didn't have enough mental energy to do another Halloween project, after I got done with the animation, but that's ok. I think I've figured out my art projects for the rest of the year: a portrait of J.K. Rowling, a husky puppy portrait (awwwwww!), a fall and winter landscape, and a secret Christmas animation project =) Is anyone else doing any Holiday-themed projects?

Halloween's almost here!

2015-10-23 16:02:24 by Matsuemon

Well I FINALLY got my Halloween animation done, after like three months. Whew! Now I'm going to squeeze in a horror-related portrait before the big day. Is anyone else doing any Halloween-related projects??

Halloween project

2015-07-25 21:59:00 by Matsuemon

Well, my Halloween animation project is coming along nicely. Already have all the backgrounds done, and a few seconds of animation finished. Everything is going smoothly so far. On the downside, more really hot weather coming this coming week. LAME! Bring on fall =)

Gotta beat the heat

2015-07-08 19:14:51 by Matsuemon

So, I'm really not a fan of summer. At all. And since this has been a particularly hot summer already, I can think of only one thing to do, to keep my mind off it and not be totally grumpy. That's right, I'm planning out my Halloween art projects. I'll do a portrait of either Vincent Price, Lon Chaney Jr. or Boris Karloff. I'm also planning two animations, so that's why I want to get started early. Those things can take a while. Wish me luck!

Current projects

2015-06-02 00:16:09 by Matsuemon

Ok, so I often have like 5 different things going at once, but this week I'm working on a portrait of James Arness as Marshall Matt Dillon (from Gunsmoke) and a short Sherlock Holmes animation I started a while back. Wish me luck!

Update: Ok now now I'm also doing a portrait of the late, great Christopher Lee. It's a lower-contrast photo, so it's giving me some trouble, but I'll get it!

Horror/Halloween project collaboration

2015-05-29 14:03:26 by Matsuemon

I'm a HUGE horror/Halloween fan, and that's my favorite time of year to dig into art projects. Lately, though, I've been thinking how cool it would be to team up with someone, or several people, to do some kind of comic or animation. Something more involved. Any other horror/Halloween fans out there who might want to talk about that? Just putting some feelers out =)

For example, any of the following would be great:

*Someone to write the script/dialogue

*Someone to design the backgrounds

*Someone to design characters

*Someone to do the animation.

Hey everyone, I posted this in the forums, but figured I'd make a post on my page as well. I'm wondering what the best way is to sell digital prints. Selling a printable file would be the most convenient, but of course the easiest to pirate. Does putting a watermark and signature on it really detour that kind of thing?

If you do sell physical prints, how much do you sell them for? What is the best way to ship them, so they don't get damaged? Thanks for any input on this


Rating system

2015-05-28 12:54:31 by Matsuemon

I've been thinking, and i don't think I'm going to rate anyone on this site, unless it's a positive review. Because of the site's rating system, where you can actually get your artwork removed for not being good enough, I think it just creates an atmosphere of insecurity and cut throat competition that I just don't like, as well as being incredibly demoralizing to upcoming artists. It says somewhere on this site, "everything for everyone" but that is pretty much a lie. I wish they'd re-think this.