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2015-05-27 16:03:37 by Matsuemon

So far I am very discouraged with the site. You post something and people vote it down just being jerks. Actually, not just vote it down, which would be fine, but they go out of their way to say something immature and hurtful. It's particularly annoying when they themselves haven't posted anything, let alone the type of art they are criticizing. I might just take down my animations soon, since they only seem to be attracting the immature, negative people who just want to put your work down. This is the problem with the internet; you see the worst in people.

P.S. I will delete any snotty, immature comments to any of my posts. Let's be adults, shall we?

Hello all

2013-09-26 23:53:04 by Matsuemon

Hey everyone,
My name is Jason and I'm an amateur artist and voice actor. I also do photo-restoration as a part-time, at home job. I've been doing narration for stories, articles, etc the last few years, for Japanese students of English, but haven't really gotten into the US side of it yet. Would love to lend my voice to some project or perhaps get involved in a project using my digital drawing/painting talents. Hope to get to know some great people on the site.